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15 Metallic Planters to Add Some Sparkle to Your Indoor Garden

Even if you keep your black thumb game strong killing dry cactus plants, you can’t deny that there’s a serious houseplant trend going down right now. And between all of the gorg color stories, bold patterns and all-around quirky planters out there, there’s a strong chance that your decor could use a metallic DIY storage box or two. These metallic planters may not help you keep those green dudes alive, but they’ll definitely help keep your (and everyone else’s) attention.

1. Redwood Stoneworks Mini Gold Air Planter Set ($30+): These little gems will make that artificially-lit cubicle feel like home. Grab an assortment of air plants and get decorating!
2. West Elm Gold Cube Terrarium, Medium ($49: These sleek terrariums will definitely stand out in that sea of terracotta. Fill it with a colorful assortment of cacti or keep it simple with succulents.
3. TwoTreesBotanicals Gold Euoplocephalus Dinosaur Planter Air Plant ($16): This adorable planter definitely speaks to the little kid in all of us. Add a little quirky color and shape with this fierce dude. The dino obsession never ends, really.

4. Assembly Home Eos Hanging Planter ($39): Every corner of the room could use a plant (and a metallic touch). This hanging geometric beauty is lightweight and light on the wallet, so you shouldn’t feel bad about snatching up a few.
5. Leather + Brass Teardrop Hanging Planter DIY: This simple project is about to become your go-to gifting DIY for all of those summer birthdays. Plant a sweet succulent and you’re good to go - after you make one for yourself, of course. (via Brit + Co.)

6. Brass Succulent Planter DIY: The best thing about metallic is that it always makes a statement. And if you’re going for just a little spark, this easy-peasy DIY is where it’s at. (via A Beautiful Mess)
7. Color-blocked Geometric Vase DIY: Those precious metallics play well with just about any color. And since your plant collection should be as colorful as possible (duh), throwing a metallic pop in this DIY project really seals the deal. (via The Proper Blog)
8. Copper and Concrete Geometric Cube Planter ($19): Concrete sets a minimalist tone that fits into almost any decor scheme — when paired with a delicate plant + copper twinkle, it *really* stands out. This little guy would look right at home with a cluster of plants or just one flying solo.
9. Thrifted and Made Peach + Copper Air Plant Pod ($21+): Peach and copper are basically color BFFs - they just always look right at home together. This patterned pod is perfect for jazzing up the office, living room, you name it.

10. West Elm Geometric Metal Hanging Planter ($89): Your love for geometrics just reached new heights. This stacked statement maker is just begging to be displayed on a patio or corner of the living room. The only problem is picking just three plants to showcase!
1. Cotton:On Copper Hexe Terrarium ($50): These geometric terrariums are all the rage, and for good reason: They look great as centerpieces, on their own and even for wedding decor! Revamp the look as the seasons change, for versatile decor that just won’t quit.
12. Urban Outfitters Mod Metal Planter ($10): This metallic mod planter is easy on the eyes and the budget. Stock up on them for party decor or just disperse them throughout your space. They’ll look great wherever you put ’em.
13. Roar + Rabbit Freeform Terrariums ($49+): These terrariums really knock it out of the park — they have texture, a metallic sheen and a cool glass casing. Place them in the bedroom with some calming moss and succulents for a relaxing statement.
14. Cotton:On Moon Shaped Planter ($18): Express your love for all things lunar with this crescent-shaped beauty. Stick a small crystal inside for maximum good vibes.
15. Skinny Planter Stand DIY: Small planters are cute and all, but having a taller place to store your green goodies makes an entirely different statement. This DIY is a cinch and will save you a ton of cash. (via A Beautiful Mess)

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